“My wife suggested it’s time for me to freshen up”


Alan Bruce on Highwood Health Retreat

“The Best Christmas Present”


Debbie's Testimony


“An Eye-opening Experience”


“Highwood Health Retreat was an eye-opening experience for me. I was feeling low and down. I felt tired and needed a break. I thought “juicing” meant snacks between meals, not a detox. But I really needed a detox. I feel so good now.

I appreciated the treatments very much. My arthritis in my knees is much better now. The staff taught me how to use poultices to get the toxins out of my joints. I learned many other things I can do at home to stay healthy. It was a very practical program. I learned a lot at the cooking classes. That’s the first thing I will introduce at home. And the food was so colorful and tasty. It is mouth-watering. At Highwood, I could disconnect from my normal life. I appreciated that. Highwood Health Retreat is down to earth, helpful, and you’ll make good friends.”


“You won’t regret it!”


“A beautiful place to heal, relax and get close to nature. Amazing caring genuine staff. Amazing SUPER HEALTHY healing foods. If you get a chance you should go. You won’t regret it!”


“Highwood changed my life!”


“I was in a really dark place when I arrived for my week at Highwood and I honestly didn’t think there was a way out for me. I felt as though I was going to be drowning in my negativity for the rest of my life! But after spending time in such beautiful surroundings, with amazingly caring people I started to see some light and hope.

I learnt so much at Highwood and the information I take with me every day from my time there is invaluable. When I went to Highwood I thought I needed mental healing but I left with so much more. I gained not only mental, but physical and spiritual as well. I didn’t want to leave by the end of my stay!

Thank you to everyone who made my stay what it was and for helping me to get my life back on track!”


“Everything has Changed”


Bronwyn came to Highwood after a long and difficult family problem with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout. “I lived on sugar and tea,” she said. “I was depressed, not motivated, fatigued, and I had no energy.”

Bronwyn’s son Daniel, who came to Highwood with her, was also dealing with physical problems and pain, partly from eating a junk food diet. He had difficulty walking without pain. Daniel had been to all manner of pedios and specialists, but still no progress. He couldn’t cope.

“It was hard the first few mornings,” Bronwyn said. “But Highwood has been life transforming. It’s like a dream come true!” Bronwyn and Daniel loved the food and treatments. Daniel is without pain and can walk easily like any boy should. Bronwyn now has hope. “My heart was touched,” she says, by the care of the staff for us. It gave her a new start.


“It’s never going to work!”


Pauline came to Highwood to quit smoking. The detox program helped her get over her cravings quickly. “The first five days, I had cravings,” she said, “but not since then.” Pauline really enjoyed the personable staff. “The staff make this place very caring and accepting,” she said.

“It’s never going to work,” I thought to myself when I arrived at Highwood,” Pauline said. “But now I know it works. I hope I can get it to work for me at home in Adelaide.” Pauline’s assessment of Highwood: “They don’t know it, but they’ve got it right!”


“This has been a Wholistic experience for me.”


“I wanted to lose weight,” said Carol, “but I got so much more than that.” Carol especially liked the group learning. The health lectures, the depression recovery videos, the plant-based meals, and therapies reminded Carol to reflect on all areas of her lifestyle and check how she was operating in each of them.

“The walks have been the best for me,” she said. “I lost four kilos in 10 days.” Carol has a new glow to her countenance. “Go to Highwood with an open mind,” she says. “Let your mind be ready to learn a lot!”


“Highwood Made it Easy!”


Jason struggled with auto-immune bowel and liver diseases. When he came to Highwood Jason’s condition was not pleasant at all. But the change in lifestyle helped him greatly to minimize and manage his health problems. The hydrotherapy and massage helped to restore circulation and strengthened his immune defenses. He had saunas too. Walking around the beautiful campus of Highwood gently helped to rebuild his system. “I loved the walks, the food and the therapies,” he said. “Highwood is so relaxing and tranquil. It’s just what I needed.” Making the important changes in his life gave Jason hope that he can recover his health. “I just need to practice these things at home,” he says. “I never realized how good vegan food can taste. It was very good!” he added.


“Whatever it was, it worked!”


“I have been depressed for 10 months and I needed some sort of kick start to healing. I found it at Highwood Health Retreat at Narbethong, 87km north east of Melbourne. I am not sure what did it, the vegan diet, the massages, the bush walks, the mud-pack, the steam sauna, the staff who were truly interested in me, or the tranquility, whatever it was, it worked! I wonder if it is to do with Socrates “The examined life.”


“Highwood gave me my life back!”


“Highwood gave me my life back! I needed more than a break. I needed a complete change. My life had come to the point that I didn’t care anymore. I was so stressed that my hair started falling out. My marriage was in trouble. I had stomach pain, and started having blackouts. My doctor even said that I was self-destructing.”

“The depression program really attracted me.”

“Highwood was unbelievable,” Bronwyn said. “I’ve never been in a place where everybody is nice. It’s like we’ve been friends forever. “

“I’m not religious, but the Christian environment wasn’t forceful. There’s no pressure. It’s about how they really care about YOU!”

“It’s so peaceful and tranquil. The place is so beautiful. And the food is great!”

“You’ve got to do this program, especially if you are depressed! Step out of the rat race, just relax and renew yourself. Highwood will do you good!”


“Highwood Changed My Life!”

Wendy Hill

“I attended Highwood Health Retreat in April 2011 after sinking to an all-time low in my life – rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years, many bouts of depression, psychiatrist visits, marriage issues, family issues.  My GP suggested I go on antidepressants and go back to the psychiatrist.  My rheumatologist wanted me to start a third drug. Given those three choices I decided to take a fourth option and do something I had wanted to do for 25 years – attend a health retreat.  A friend recommended Highwood.  I stayed at Highwood for some of the best days of my life – 19 in all. I look back on them as a major turning point for the better.”

“My experience was complete – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.   The environment was restful and peaceful.  The atmosphere was very warm and friendly – comfortable  sleeping rooms, mountain fresh air, sunshine, exercise, delicious vegan food (I had eaten everything and anything beforehand), water therapies, medical support, lectures and cooking classes.  The staff were incredibly kind and supportive with great listening ears.  They were accepting of me for who I was.  I found the spiritual teachings were sensitive, not pushy, respecting my viewpoint.  I loved this opportunity to totally relax and have absolutely everything done for me.  All I had to do was allow the healing process to begin.”

“Two years on I have continued their health teachings, am 14 kilos lighter, have stopped one of the R.A. drugs and started phasing out the second one. Just a couple of weeks ago I fitted into my wedding dress of 38 years ago!  And I’ve got photos to prove it. Highwood changed my life and I’m a new person.  I find every excuse I can to come back and visit or stay at Highwood.”

“Chronic Fatigue”

Robyn: “after 15 years of severe fatigue and many doctors and naturopaths, my fatigue is very mild now, my digestion returning to normal, my aches and pains are minimal. The Health Lectures and Cooking Demonstrations have helped me cater for all my food sensitivities, which has renewed my interest in and love of food and eating.”

“I wish I had this Experience Years Ago”

Larraine : “I wish I had this experience years ago. Everyone would benefit from a stay at Highwood. I would have no hesitation in recommending this experience to others.”

“…never felt better in my life…”

Tony: “The best thing to happen to me in my life was to come to Highwood Health. I learned how to start enjoying my life and eat great food for my well being. I have never felt better in my life…”

“Peace of Mind”

Kate: “I…learned to… not worry about yesterday or stress too much about the future. I feel my peace of mind and health restored and very blessed to have arrived at Highwood. It’s great to leave feeling you are equipped to manage life.”

“…Spirit and Health Renewed”

Violet: “Thank you for the encouragement and for all the staff caring about me. I arrived worse for wear and leave with my spirit and health renewed. I feel I could overcome everything that challenges me now. When I arrived 100m was the most I could walk, now I can walk for 1 1/2 hours.” We contacted Violet a couple of months after discharge to see how she was going and she replied: “Thank you for your email, everything is absolutely fantastic. I have continued to cook and eat vegan style, swim laps every morning, and walk our dog Suzie in the afternoon, aqua fitness classes three times a week. There is one ongoing challenge getting to bed early… Praise be to God, there are many great things happening in my life, I teach my older son Randall vegan cooking, thanks to the recipe book I purchased at Highwood. My husband and young son Jake also eat my vegan food, and in addition have joined the pool with me to get fit and healthy as a family.”

“Reduced Medication”

Araipu: “I found my stay here gave me a lot of benefits. My health has improved. My medication has been reduced. Lost about 4.5kg. Breathing better than when I arrived.”

“Improved Health”

Lorraine: “The condition of my health improved just in the 9 days I spent at Highwood. My kidney problem was the main reason for my coming here and [it] improved, I think it is the vegan diet.”

“Revived in Well-being”

Isabella: “I was revived in happiness, joy, well-being, strengthened in spirit…No other place on earth was ever closer to my heart…My wellbeing is strengthened, I feel I can face whatever comes…before we attended this place we were dying.”

“Lost 9kg…”

John came to Highwood twice, once in February and once in June when the testimony was written: “Since February: Reduced insulin by 50%, lost 9kg, normal cholesterol for the first time in more than 20 years, normal HBAIC [a diabetic blood test] first time in more than 20 years, kidney function almost normal.”

“…managed to get off my high blood pressure medicine”

Mark: “Upon arrival I was very anxious and did not know what to expect. The programme helped me to fully understand how important physical, mental and spiritual [matters are] to one’s everyday well-being. I have managed to get off my high blood pressure medicine and I have managed to loose 4kg of weight”

“Pain Relief”

Yvonne: “Prior to coming to Highwood Health I had had abdominal surgery and was still in some pain. Highwood recommended a clay wrap, which I had never had before. Sariney gave me the treatment, which was very soothing. After the bath, then a steam, I realised the pain was gone and it has not returned. Such a relief – as I had been in pain for a few months… [and] I lost 2 kilos.”

“Quit Tobacco and Alcohol”

Janice: “With the help and guidance of all the staff at Highwood I was able to address all of my problems both health wise and spiritual when I came to Highwood I was a mess! In 14 days I gave up alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and cut my sleeping tablets from 4 to 2 and what a beautiful place to do it!”

“Quit Smoking, was almost an incurable addict”

Geoff: “I am writing to wish everyone at Highwood Health a happy and prosperous New Year. The sole reason I attended was to give up cigarettes. Let me say that I was almost an incurable addict, sometimes smoking 40 or 50 cigarettes per day. Some people say that nicotine addiction is as bad as heroin. Besides cigarettes I was drinking 10-12 cups of coffee every day. From the moment I arrived at Highwood to the moment I departed I never gave smoking one solitary thought. Your detox program and strict diet regime works wonders and [the] lectures on health are very benificial. When I departed I felt so good that I never want to return to the unhealthy life I experienced before.”

“Gave up Smoking”

Lindi: “When you give up smoking, most people put weight on! I lost between 2-3kgs in five days with the diet. I was amazed at how tasty the meals [were]. I will endeavour to add vegan to our already vegetarian diet.”

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