Highwood Health Amid majestic mountains, lofty trees and nestled on the Great Dividing Range, Highwood Health Retreat, includes 102 acres of beautiful gardens, lawns, forests, mountain streams and trails on an unsurpassed forest sanctuary for resting, relaxation and restoration.

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Our health specialists will consult with you upon your arrival at Highwood Health Retreat and will tailor your program to suit your specific needs. They will coach you on how to live well, prevent or minimize risk of diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression etc. Our treatments include: steam sauna, massage, clay wraps, far-infrared therapy, supplements, lymphatic drainage, fever baths, aromatic oil therapy, herbal teas, juice fasting, a special diet, an exercise program, etc.

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“Everything has Changed”


Bronwyn came to Highwood after a long and difficult family problem with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout. “I lived on sugar and tea,” she said. “I was depressed, not motivated, fatigued, and I had no energy.”

Bronwyn’s son Daniel, who came to Highwood with her, was also dealing with physical problems and pain, partly from eating a junk food diet. He had difficulty walking without pain. Daniel had been to all manner of pedios and specialists, but still no progress. He couldn’t cope.

“It was hard the first few mornings,” Bronwyn said. “But Highwood has been life transforming. It’s like a dream come true!” Bronwyn and Daniel loved the food and treatments. Daniel is without pain and can walk easily like any boy should. Bronwyn now has hope. “My heart was touched,” she says, by the care of the staff for us. It gave her a new start.
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“It’s never going to work!”


Pauline came to Highwood to quit smoking. The detox program helped her get over her cravings quickly. “The first five days, I had cravings,” she said, “but not since then.” Pauline really enjoyed the personable staff. “The staff make this place very caring and accepting,” she said.

“It’s never going to work,” I thought to myself when I arrived at Highwood,” Pauline said. “But now I know it works. I hope I can get it to work for me at home in Adelaide.” Pauline’s assessment of Highwood: “They don’t know it, but they’ve got it right!”
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“This has been a Wholistic experience for me.”


“I wanted to lose weight,” said Carol, “but I got so much more than that.” Carol especially liked the group learning. The health lectures, the depression recovery videos, the plant-based meals, and therapies reminded Carol to reflect on all areas of her lifestyle and check how she was operating in each of them.

“The walks have been the best for me,” she said. “I lost four kilos in 10 days.” Carol has a new glow to her countenance. “Go to Highwood with an open mind,” she says. “Let your mind be ready to learn a lot!”
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“Highwood Made it Easy!”


Jason struggled with auto-immune bowel and liver diseases. When he came to Highwood Jason’s condition was not pleasant at all. But the change in lifestyle helped him greatly to minimize and manage his health problems. The hydrotherapy and massage helped to restore circulation and strengthened his immune defenses. He had saunas too. Walking around the beautiful campus of Highwood gently helped to rebuild his system. “I loved the walks, the food and the therapies,” he said. “Highwood is so relaxing and tranquil. It’s just what I needed.” Making the important changes in his life gave Jason hope that he can recover his health. “I just need to practice these things at home,” he says. “I never realized how good vegan food can taste. It was very good!” he added.
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“Whatever it was, it worked!”


“I have been depressed for 10 months and I needed some sort of kick start to healing. I found it at Highwood Health Retreat at Narbethong, 87km north east of Melbourne. I am not sure what did it, the vegan diet, the massages, the bush walks, the mud-pack, the steam sauna, the staff who were truly interested in me, or the tranquility, whatever it was, it worked!”
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“Highwood gave me my life back!”


“Highwood gave me my life back! I needed more than a break. I needed a complete change. My life had come to the point that I didn’t care anymore. I was so stressed that my hair started falling out. My marriage was in trouble. I had stomach pain, and started having blackouts. My doctor even said that I was self-destructing. The depression program really attracted me. Highwood was unbelievable,” Bronwyn said. “I’ve never been in a place where everybody is nice. It’s like we’ve been friends forever.” Read More


“Highwood Changed My Life!”

Wendy Hill

“I attended Highwood Health Retreat in April 2011 after sinking to an all-time low in my life – rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years, many bouts of depression, psychiatrist visits, marriage issues, family issues.  My GP suggested I go on antidepressants and go back to the psychiatrist.  My rheumatologist wanted me to start a third drug. Given those three choices I decided to take a fourth option and do something I had wanted to do for 25 years – attend a health retreat.  A friend recommended Highwood.  I stayed at Highwood for some of the best days of my life – 19 in all. I look back on them as a major turning point for the better.” Read More

Q: Where is Highwood Health Retreat?

A: Highwood is 20 minutes east of Healesville or 40 minutes east of Lilydale on the Maroondah Highway (Victoria, Australia). Drive through Healesville and the “Black Spur”. When you get out of the Black Spur look for our sign on the left of the Highway soon after the Black Spur Roadhouse and Accommodation Park on the right. If you arrive in Narbethong, or at the turnoff to Marysville, you have gone too far. The address is 291 Maroondah Hwy, Narbethong, VIC 3778

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